We frown about bad movies so you don’t have to.

House Party


In the cozy warmth of their homes in December, the boyz team up with Daniel J. Hogan of Clattertron.com to throw a house party. Err, that is to watch House Party. I was just Kid’n Playing with you.

Want to risk watching it?

All else fails? Try canistream.it.

Thanks to Dan for joining the show! He’s 2 Hype. Be sure to peep his web comic, Clattertron. Thanks for rolling with us and listening. Please check out our other podcast, Montreal Sauce and enjoy doing the Kid’N Play kick step this week.

Nick Fury


This week a TV movie crushes a group of reviewers that has already been beaten down by so many bad films this season. The cherry on the top of this steaming pile is The Hoff! Armin & Arden join your hosts and discuss a movie Marvel would like to forget.

Since the film was so very bad, ignore it. Instead, be sure to check out Arden’s Prairie Noodle Shop and Armin’s webcomic, Biasedcat. Thanks to both of them for watching the film and reviewing it. Thank you for listening!

Son Of The Mask


You see that title up there? That’s right, we watched Son of the Mask to celebrate Halloween. Armin joined the guys to review this legendary bad film. Well, he joined Chris. In a Film Frown first, Paul could not finish the movie. How’s that for a review? Dare to watch it?

And now the review:


Thanks to Armin for joining us to watch this film (not so much for choosing it). Thanks to you for listening and reading this synopsis. Laters.

Hard Ticket To Hawaii


Chris & Paul were incredibly lucky to be joined by Darren Herczeg & Adam Dachis from Supercharged & The Awkward Human Survival Guide shows on the 5by5 podcast network. The cinema flavor sampled on this episode was Hard Ticket to Hawaii, a titillating adventure featuring useless bullets, inconsistent bazooka blasts and bad actors that make the co-star centerfolds look like Glenn Close or Julianne Moore. As Darren would say, “Aloha!”

Thanks to Darren & Adam for taking the time to join Paul & Chris on a show that ended up being longer than the movie reviewed. Please check out their shows, The Awkward Human Survival Guide and Supercharged. Of course, thank you for listening. If you’d like to support the show, please see our Patreon page.



This week, Chris & Paul are joined by Daniel J. Hogan of Clattertron and Armin of biasedcat to discuss the only martials arts/gymnastics mashup film ever, Gymkata.

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