Harum Scarum


It’s time for the better half of the podcast! That’s right, Tina & Colette join their husbands to watch an Elvis picture! Where would bad movies be without bad musical numbers? Elvis is the king, but in Harum Scarum he could have been replaced by a wet blanket and no one would notice. This film lacks energy, not to mention acting, plot and choreography.

Want to watch the film (at your own risk)? You can purchase it on YouTube.

Otherwise it’s so bad that it isn’t currently available on Amazon, Netflix or iTunes. Check canistream.it to see if things have changed since this podcast was posted.

  • Tina’s favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera, while Colette enjoys The Pirates of Penzance.
  • Chris shares that he is not a musical fan unless in cartoon form.
  • Paul enjoys Les Mis√©rables, not to mention when TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer decide to do musical episodes.
  • This season, Supernatural did a musical episode as well.
  • As the old Eddie Murphy joke goes (NSFW), Elvis sings all his lines because he can’t act.
  • Colette points out that if you look up harum scarum on Thesaurus.com, the words listed are a pretty good review of the film.
  • 3 songs in the first 6 minutes of the film? YouTube can give you a sampling of the songs & their silly lyrics.
  • Billy Barty has a mostly non-speaking role in the film. Very common in his early career. You’ll recognize him because he’s been in tons of stuff.
  • One of our live listeners, hollow, “swears they’re just picking random numbers” in the script. A country unchanged for 2000 years, and yet they have Islamic holidays like Feast of Ramadan?
  • In today’s world, Hey Little Girl seems creepy because he’s propositioning a 7yr old girl. Though, our parents assure us nobody would have thought this was inappropriate when this film came out in 1965.
  • Paul spoils Scooby-Doo for all the listeners.
  • The fight scenes are part parkour, part Zoidberg and part Urkel.
  • Tina says this film was bad and would rather watch A Boy and His Dog again.
  • Movies recommended this show, Singing in the Rain, Goonies, Zardoz and The History of Future Folk. Currently on the Netflix is The Machine.

Always a pleasure to have Tina’s quick wit & Colette’s perceptive mind on the show. See you next season!

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