Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon


For the final show of the season Arden and another kung fu film! Though, Paul will argue that it’s not a kung fu movie, but a terribly long 80s music video. Either way, the guys are obviously having a fun time reviewing it. Oh, and there’s a single person in the chat room during the live show. It sounds sad to have only one person, but he’s one of the film’s stars! JOKE’S ON YOU, REST OF THE INTERNET.

Interested in watching this piece of cinema? Choose your flavor below:

On with the show:

Thanks to Arden for joining us on a very funny show. Check out the restaurant he and friends are creating on twitter. There’s a blog for Prairie Noodle Shop as well.

Of course, we need to thank Ernie Reyes Jr. for popping into the chat room. You can find him on twitter, @erniereyesjr. Finally, we have to thank you the audience for indulging us and listening.

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