Sean Connery in a red diaper? How could we say no to Zardoz, the 1974 film about guns & penises. We don’t need special effects, we have the power of pantomime! Joining Chris & Paul to review the film is musician Quoc-huy.

  • Earliest movie memories for all 3 reviewers are Disney films. This of course, dates everyone since Chris & Quoc think back to 101 Dalmatians and Fox & the Hound, while Paul remembers The Little Mermaid.
  • “The gun is good and the penis is evil.” Quoc says the film would be completely different had those items been reversed in that quote from the film.
  • The fake god Zardoz dislikes the Breeders?
  • You can’t believe the imagery we’ve described up to this point, right? Have a look at the trailer for Zardoz.
  • Next year we’re submitting the giant stone head of Zardoz in Artprize.
  • Sean Connery’s character is named Zed. Would that be Zee in American? (A lesson learned on the Montreal Sauce episode I Just Like Saying Dongle).
  • Green bread? Is that Soylent Green?
  • We compare the barn of apathetic people to the crazy village in Gymkata soon.
  • Chris thinks David Lee Roth could make this film better. Projection & boobs apparently aren’t enough?
  • Quoc breaks the dam and the Sean Connery impressions start.
  • Sean Connery in a wedding dress is not as attractive as Grandma Ma, Larry Johnson.
  • This episode is not brought to you by the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Projection and boobs get boring after a while. We want an A-Team montage.
  • Guns good- FIRE BAD!
  • Is the set from Return from Witch Mountain or Enter the Dragon?
  • Zardoz and Friend have a not so Top Gun moment.
  • Is Zed’s son the Beastmaster?
  • Hollywood loves remakes. We decide to cast the modern remake.
  • We don’t have recommendations for other films on this episode, because you should probably watch Zardoz.

You can find Quoc rocking out or jamming acoustically in Grand Rapids’ pubs or you’re invited to his bass player’s basement to listen to rehearsal. Find Chris & Paul on twitter or back here for more episodes.

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