Last season we ended the show watching Revenge of the Ninja (http://revengeofthe.ninja/) where guest Arden chose a random page number from Videohound’s Complete Guide to Cult Flicks & Trash Pics. The idea was that we would watch a film from the page he chose. What luck! On that page was Weird Al Yankovic’s UHF

Where can you watch this film? And for once we recommend it.

Stream it on -

Coincidentally, there probably aren’t any UHF stations where you can watch UHF. Check your local listings!

This episode we’re joined by Sally from Sallyannk.com. During the episode she talks about the upcoming One Spark competition. As of posting this show we know she placed 9th in her category!

Stay tuned after the ending theme song - we do some bonus talk about Weird Al trivia and copyright, as well as catch up with Sally’s adventures in up-cycling / recycling / repurposing goods through hand (not mine) crafting. And a double-bonus track at the very end, Paul talks with his daughter Evie just before the show starts.

Thanks for listening! And thanks for taking time to join us again, Sally! Up next, 1995’s Waterworld.

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