Hard Ticket To Hawaii


Chris & Paul were incredibly lucky to be joined by Darren Herczeg & Adam Dachis from Supercharged & The Awkward Human Survival Guide shows on the 5by5 podcast network. The cinema flavor sampled on this episode was Hard Ticket to Hawaii, a titillating adventure featuring useless bullets, inconsistent bazooka blasts and bad actors that make the co-star centerfolds look like Glenn Close or Julianne Moore. As Darren would say, “Aloha!”

Thanks to Darren & Adam for taking the time to join Paul & Chris on a show that ended up being longer than the movie reviewed. Please check out their shows, The Awkward Human Survival Guide and Supercharged. Of course, thank you for listening. If you’d like to support the show, please see our Patreon page.

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