Operation Kid Brother / OK Connery


Our season of spy films continues with this very strange parody. It’s 1967 and those Bond movies are making money, let’s jump in on that. Well, the first thing we need is a Connery. Hey, Sean Connery has a brother. Let’s call him? Does he act? Does it matter? Our friend Jacob Cook returns for this episode and we’re wondering if he’ll ever return. This is a bad, bad movie. As Paul says, “The main character’s super power is knowing what the hell is going on.”

  • The film was originally titled, Operation Kid Brother, but in some releases it is called OK Connery because they just gave up on trying to be clever.
  • What’s in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction may be a better discussion than this particular film.
  • According to Wikipedia, the Moneypenny actress made more money for this than all the other Bond films.
  • The Italian Dudley Moore? It’s Alvaro Vitali. And he’s not in this film, or it might be funny.
  • Jacob compares this film to the last parody we watched with him, Our Man Flint.
  • Neil Connery was a plasterer and an affordable Connery.
  • Our hero practices the secret Tibetan art of hypnosis. Paul wonders if it is related to Calgon.
  • Chris confuses Terrence Mann with Terrence Malick. We here at Film Frown apologize for this mistake, Mr. Mann. We love Critters and do not enjoy the sleepy films of Malick.
  • Seeing the portable projector in the film, Chris says he’s 5 years sober from his addiction to woot!.
  • Jacob quotes Insane Clown Posse for the first time in his life we’re guessing. “Magnet’s, how do they work?”
  • The crime syndicate is Thanatos, not Thanos.
  • While Paul says the music in the film is overpowering, Jacob points out that it was made by famous composer Ennio Moricone.
  • Let’s avoid getting in trouble with copyright, but we’ll have a line referencing Ian Fleming. It confuses us all and we discuss this a lot.
  • “Pull the levers!” is this movie’s “Blankets!”
  • Curiously, United Artists released this film and the Bond films.
  • So did they reuse the outfits in Starcrash?
  • So in this film, Neil Connery is Scottish and does not, at all, sound like it. In Highlander his brother plays a Spanish character and does not, at all, sound like it.

Thanks for listening! Thanks to Jacob for watching this atrocious film and teaching us the Dolph Lundgren nipple tolerance theory. Next up, a Neil Breen film.

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