Fateful Findings


So the key to getting a Neil Breen film means going to the source. In keeping with our spy movie season, we followed the instructions on the site that said, “If you want a film other than Fateful Findings add the title to the comments section.” We asked for Double Down and paid the man for the DVD. Here we are reviewing what came in the mail, Fateful Findings. We were joined by Jen and Arden, reuniting the Masters of the Universe crew. “Basically the movie is so bad that when there is some clarity, it sticks out to you,” says Jen. Arden says, “If it wasn’t for Film Frown, I never would have been exposed to stuff like this. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.”

  • Lamenting that we didn’t just watch Supergirl again.

  • If you need a Fateful Findings drinking game, it’s here.

  • Is Breen the next Tommy Wiseau?

  • We are all so confused. Even a movie called The Never Ending Story has a plot!

  • Paul recommends you watch the film on 1.2 speed and Arden said he kept fast forwarding 15 seconds and nothing changed.

  • Where did these sounds come from? Lord of the Rings or Star Trek IV.

  • We share how uncomfortable we feel for the other actors in the movie when Neil is undressing them. If you were in the film, you can find help here.

  • The hospital scene confounds us. A breathing apparatus over the bandages, carpet, and a stretcher that would look old on Marcus Welby, M.D..

  • Doing show notes is hard when I’m laughing. Did I miss something?

  • Neil Breen’s character can do magic if you don’t watch him. It’s like the Invisible Boy from Mystery Men.

  • Neil Breen does product placement for Hefty?

  • Jen points out all the production companies listed see the bottom in the credits are actually Neil Breen.

  • Chris offends Starman.

  • Chris reads Neil Breen’s official summary of the film to see if this is the movie they watched.

  • We talk about continuity. It’s important and completely missing here.

  • Jen struggles to compare The Room to Fateful Findings.

  • Paul calls the film “a Vine but longer.”

  • While Paul and our guests are not to sure about labeling this as so bad it is good, Chris wants the film to become the traditional graduation gift for students. Jen thinks this could be an excellent De Beers-like conspiracy.

  • Arden had to stop watching the film and cleanse his palate with The Toys That Made Us.

  • Oh my, Jen throws down the gauntlet and says her most hated film is Lucy.

  • Arden feared she was going to say, Now You See Me 2.

  • Jen says American Psycho did the plastic room better.

The first rule of Hefty room is? Thanks for listening! Thank you to Arden and Jen for joining us.

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