We frown about bad movies so you don’t have to.

Bedtime for Bonzo


Friend of the show and the intelligence behind Clattertron and Foxes & Boxes, Daniel J. Hogan suggested this week’s film. Surely he’s chose it out of some sort of patriotism because it stars the commander in chief, Ronald Reagan. Oh, it also stars a chimpanzee. Pet Sounds Radio host Sarah Hoyles kindly joined us as well. We didn’t learn until the day of the show that she rarely watches films with animals! It was a pleasure to see things from her perspective. We hope you’ll listen to learn more.

Thanks to you for listening! You can find us wherever you get your podcasts, Google, Apple, or your favorite apps. Be sure to check out the amazing Pet Sounds, we guarantee you’ll love it! You can find Sarah Hoyles on a number of social networks. Also, find our friend Daniel J. Hogan’s work on Clattertron.com. Again, he’s on a number of sites, just follow the previous link. And remember, never give or sell your chimps to Yale.

Murderers' Row


You’ve heard of Bond, but what about Matt Helms? When your friends start taking the Bond movies in a direction you don’t like, you go out and buy the rights to another spy novel, of course. Dean Martin plays the hero in this drunken series of a spy films. They’re like spy film lite. Sean Tilley joins us to talk 8th grade biology, quitting villainy to make toy models, and Bond’s alcoholism problem. Join us in our hovercraft with projected scenes in the windows as we get saucy with Dean Martin.

That was it for go-go dancing bombs and rat pack references. Thank you for listening and thanks to Sean Tilley for watching this film with us. Will he be back in Our Man Flint?

You Only Live Twice


Like James Bond in this 1967 film, we’re back from the dead. As Chris returns from a mental health break, he challenges his sanity and that of Paul and guest, Arturo. This lack luster Bond film is so bad that even Connery vowed to quit afterwards. Should you be brave enough to watch the 007 film yourself, here’s a list of available sources. Or, Arturo says fly to Mexico and buy a copy of the film from Roger Moore and Sean Connery in a supermarket. Just watch out for the trap doors.

Thanks for listening to a lengthy show! Thanks to Arturo for joining us. Perhaps he should do the recap instead of Chris? His impression of Roald Dahl pitching the film is much shorter and hilarious. Stay tuned for more spy shenanigans this season. Up next is Dean Martin as Matt Helms in Murderer’s Row.




We’re not watching the cheese-filled CBS show, we’re watching Helen Slater fight Faye Dunaway in a very strange film from the 80s. arkOS creator Jacob Cook and the talented artist & developer Jen Montes join the guys to review a piece of super hero history, Supergirl.

In the time since we recorded this, Jacob has launched an awesome way to get your arkOS on, with his new hosted service Skylark. Jen can be found on twitter or github. Thanks to both of them for all the laughs. It’s probably our longest show because we spent 24 minutes laughing. Stay tuned for next season. It’s right around the corner, by the time we post this! Thanks for listening.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


We love Spielberg, we love aliens and fedoras. How could this go wrong? On this episode Paul & Chris are joined by their better halves, Tina and Colette. So does the film hold up to the lego game? That’s the big question.

Thanks to our biggest patrons, our wives for joining us again. For more of Tina and Colette check out Harem Scarum. Interested in sharing an opinion about next season check out Chris’ post and let us know what you think over on Twitter.