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We’re not watching the cheese-filled CBS show, we’re watching Helen Slater fight Faye Dunaway in a very strange film from the 80s. arkOS creator Jacob Cook and the talented artist & developer Jen Montes join the guys to review a piece of super hero history, Supergirl.

In the time since we recorded this, Jacob has launched an awesome way to get your arkOS on, with his new hosted service Skylark. Jen can be found on twitter or github. Thanks to both of them for all the laughs. It’s probably our longest show because we spent 24 minutes laughing. Stay tuned for next season. It’s right around the corner, by the time we post this! Thanks for listening.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


We love Spielberg, we love aliens and fedoras. How could this go wrong? On this episode Paul & Chris are joined by their better halves, Tina and Colette. So does the film hold up to the lego game? That’s the big question.

Thanks to our biggest patrons, our wives for joining us again. For more of Tina and Colette check out Harem Scarum. Interested in sharing an opinion about next season check out Chris’ post and let us know what you think over on Twitter.

Round the World with Dolemite


On this bonus episode Chris thought he was throwing a softball to his friends, the cult classic Dolemite. A recognizable so bad it is good staple, right? Well, not so fast. Mad Dragon & Spike Matthews have less than flattering things to say about Dolemite. Perhaps this is why they’re not using their real names? Of course, there are few characters in the film that have real names. We’re looking at you Creeper.

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House Party


In the cozy warmth of their homes in December, the boyz team up with Daniel J. Hogan of Clattertron.com to throw a house party. Err, that is to watch House Party. I was just Kid’n Playing with you.

Want to risk watching it?

All else fails? Try canistream.it.

Thanks to Dan for joining the show! He’s 2 Hype. Be sure to peep his web comic, Clattertron. Thanks for rolling with us and listening. Please check out our other podcast, Montreal Sauce and enjoy doing the Kid’N Play kick step this week.

Nick Fury


This week a TV movie crushes a group of reviewers that has already been beaten down by so many bad films this season. The cherry on the top of this steaming pile is The Hoff! Armin & Arden join your hosts and discuss a movie Marvel would like to forget.

Since the film was so very bad, ignore it. Instead, be sure to check out Arden’s Prairie Noodle Shop and Armin’s webcomic, Biasedcat. Thanks to both of them for watching the film and reviewing it. Thank you for listening!